I don’t consider myself an extremely proud person. I’m proud of my boys, my husband, even my well-behaved puppy dog, but I don’t often get too proud of myself.

A couple weeks ago, I know, I was proud of my clean house (which isn’t that clean anymore)!

Here’s something else I’m pretty proud of: Maryann’s Birthday Cake! Click on the photo for the step-by-step in how I did this.

What Maryann probably didn’t realize was all the brainstorms her husband and I went through: a cemetary, the USS Enterprise, flowers, and a red velvet Darth Vader cake had crossed our minds.

From 2008 05 10 Ma…

I guess it was after spending $35 for Timmy’s “Thomas the Tank Engine” 1st birthday cake that I felt that I could decorate my own cakes for a fraction of the cost, all the while doing something special for my boys and for friends. So for my birthday in 2006 I asked for cake decorating lessons at the local A.C. Moore craft store.

The class was fun and I learned SO MUCH! See more of my hand-decorated cakes here.

Chef Duff Goldman I am not, but I still have fun!