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This is my latest cake creation. Duff Goldman, I’m not.

This was made in honor of my reserve flight’s outgoing commander, Lt Col Chuck Buckler. He drinks 6-8 cans of Diet Coke daily, and we would watch him accumulate a pile of empty cans on his desk every drill weekend. Sort of horrifying, if you ask me…all those chemicals.

Anyway, making the Diet Coke shaped cake was Paul’s idea. Paul will be my commander after Lt Col Buckler leaves. I guess starting in mid-May, you’ll be seeing me call him Major Gifford. 🙂

I offered making a Diet Coke cake, but it seemed to gross everyone out.

I really wanted the gray-colored icing to be more silvery, but I was limited in my resources. I ordered some silver food coloring from a British retailer (only 5 Pounds! Which comes to about $11 U.S.!) Someone more professional might have been able to hook up her food-quality airbrush and spray it on, but I wasn’t that lucky. I mixed in the coloring into some white buttercream and ended up with a white sparkley icing…not gray at all! Hence the addition of a little black coloring to make the gray tone. The picture doesn’t show the subtle sparkle that well.

Underneath? One layer of white cake, one layer of devil’s food, the cake was trimmed to look like a half-cylinder on its side.

More cake pics here: http://picasaweb.google.com/vollmerdp/CokeCake