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Jacob watching a strike go by. The pitcher throwing in this picture was very good and had VERY fast pitches.

We are armpit-deep in baseball here at the Vollmer house. Our boys joined the Academy Little League (ALL) baseball club here in the Springs, and we have been busy with the boys’ respective schedules.

We were surprised at how early the season starts here in Colorado. The schedule was only about a week different than it was in Florida, with tryouts and first practices in February, opening day at the beginning of April, and games through Memorial Day. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen my numerous pictures of morning snow cover, even in mid-April! As you can imagine, so far several games have been postponed.

While I didn’t give a ton of thought to how good or bad the Navarre Youth Sports Association┬áball club was, it turned out that the boys had developed a great set of skills coming into ALL. Jacob has been spending a lot of time playing 1st base, and so far has scored at every game, even hitting a home run earlier this week. He’s holding his own on this team, and we’re so proud of him.

Meanwhile, Timmy’s getting to be a catcher again, which is awesome. He really enjoyed it in Florida, and was thrilled to continue it here. We got him his own catcher’s mitt for this season, and if he sticks it out we’ll talk about full equipment for him for next year. There’s another (older) skilled catcher on his team, so the coach alternates Timmy and the other young man as catcher. He’s getting better and more aggressive with every game. When Timmy isn’t catching, he plays 3rd base, and sometimes outfield.

Timmy the catcher.

Timmy the catcher.

Sadly, neither of the boys’ teams have won a game yet, but we can see them improving with each game, and Jacob’s team is getting very close to winning games now. Timmy’s team is also improving. Of course, this isn’t a big deal right now, things don’t count around here till the playoffs.

Enjoy some more pictures of the boys’ baseball.


Timmy on 3rd base.


This ended up being a base hit.


He posed for this picture for me.


Jacob was playing 2nd base here.


On 2nd base.


Here’s Jacob as 1st base.