My reason for the trip. Dave had a dark green Cabela's hat that disappeared recently. I offered to get him a replacement. This one was on the clearance rack for about $4.75!

I wandered over to Cabela’s in La Vista, NE on Monday before I went to the Apple Store for an appointment to fix my iPhone’s back glass.

It was nice taking my time and browsing around. I enjoy Cabela’s camping and outdoor gear…especially since we’re a house full of Cub Scouts. I got to see so many interesting things that I usually don’t get to pay attention to because I’m too busy with the boys…enjoy a photo gallery of my findings on a short trip to Cabela’s.

It's a 2-gallon bucket with a 60-day food supply. I'd never seen anything like it! They were stacked in a pyramid at the front of the store as if there was a hurricane heading towards Nebraska. Dave pondered that maybe it was in preparation for December 21st?

Nebraska is in the middle of their relatively short turkey hunting season. The store was essentially "RealTree" colored throughout.

I enjoy seeing the old-fashioned candies at the checkout line areas.

Jacob has recently started snacking on sunflower seeds. A baseball thing. He also enjoys hot sauce on many of his foods. So I picked him up a package of these sunflower seeds and we'll see what he thinks when he tries them next week.