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Dave Update: Yesterday and this morning Dave was quite sore.  He called it “new pain”, a lot of which was bone pain in his back, where the surgeon had to drill through his vertebrae.  He had to increase his muscle relaxers and pain medication a little from what he was down to over the weekend, and today he had a much better day.

Dave’s been enjoying getting to work on his model railroading again — he hadn’t done much with his layout at all since he took command back in July.  Getting back into his train room really cheered him up.

He’s also enjoying endless DIY Network shows.  He seems to particularly like “Bath Crashers” and “Renovation Realities“.

We took a family walk this afternoon with the dog and Dave was almost walking “too fast”…he seemed to be moving as if he had no work done on his back.  He had to remember to slow things down some.

Pretzels!  Today we got a nice surprise from Dave’s parents.  Hammond’s Pretzels shipped from Lancaster, PA.

A huge box of Hammond’s Pretzels!

Many of you have had Hammond’s Pretzels before, perhaps because we brought them to you as gifts.  Perhaps you’re already in Lancaster County and can get them at your local Stauffer’s or Weis Markets.

Yes, the pretzels are individually wrapped, which will be shocking to many folks.  After all, that’s a lot of plastic!  But I’ve received the pretzels both individually wrapped and not individually wrapped.  The latter will arrive as a box of crumbs.  Trust me, if you want the goodness of Hammond’s, you need to tolerate the packaging.  It’s worth it!

These are very hard pretzels, and most of them don’t have too much salt on them.  You’ll definitely taste the baking soda flavor, which I personally like.

Today I was able to get a lot of housework done, and I plan to do more tomorrow.  Since the weather is cooling down, I’m able to move some of the boys’ toys back out to the back porch.  Things got crowded in the boys’ rooms this summer — I had to move a lot of items inside so they wouldn’t warp and get moldy from the heat and humidity.