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As many of you might remember from my days in Deidre’s Bookclub, I typically don’t read fast. I was lucky if I could get around to finishing the club’s book of the month!
Not so here! I’m able to read 1-2 hours per day and I am absolutely blasting through so many books I’ve wanted to read for years and years!
Enjoy this list. I’m maintaining this list on my iPhone’s notepad function and I can email it into my blog as it grows. Today I start a new book, Predator by Patricia Cornwell.
Books Read on this Deployment
(includes date completed)
1.) The Marching Season, Daniel Silva: 16 Jan 09
2.) Angels and Demons, Dan Brown: 20 Jan 09
3.) Deception Point, Dan Brown: 25 Jan 09
4.) The Other Boleyn Girl, Phillipa Gregory: 3 Feb 09
5.) Marley & Me, John Grogan: 5 Feb 09
6.) Cruel and Unusual, Patricia Cornwell: 11 Feb 09