A crazy trip out of the city, trying to figure out the car and the roads all at once. Good thing there wasn’t heavy traffic to complicate things.

17 July 2022: We made it to France!! We got the rental car and are on our way to the Normandy coast!! I’m only on Wifi for now…we are at a rest stop now just outside Paris after a chaotic trip out of the city. Tim’s doing a great job navigating…and Jacob’s 5+ years of French is being put to good use!

A small Opal SUV. It fit our suitcases…the first car they offered us, some sort of Citroen, did not. The agents were very friendly and accommodating.
Dave behind the wheel near the Aire Du Sud De Morainvilliers rest stop….where we first learned that our American Express card wasn’t going to work much at all, and USAA had put a block on our card.