About the Roving Vollmers

Dave and Patricia enjoying the occasional “date night”, this one at the
Denver Christkindl Market in December 2019.

Howdy! We are Dave and Patricia Vollmer of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, and we are going to share our RV-owning adventures with you.


Mainly because this is completely new to us…and maybe one day someone else will embark on a similar adventure and have the same questions and make the same blunders we are expecting to do.

“Hey, thanks! I thought I was the only one who has knocked the corner jack out of whack while rounding a corner.”

Trust me, we’re guessing we will have seen it all in the coming months as we figure all of this out.

We have two sons, ages 18 and 15, and a sweet dog, Ranger, the latter of whom will likely be on most of our trips. We have embarked on this RV journey expecting that our sons won’t always be coming along with us. As a family we have done quite a bit of travelling together, but as they get older, we don’t expect they will be around to take all the trips with us.

On the lift at Breckenridge, January 2018
Combined, we have 47 years of Air Force experience. Attending the USAF Academy Graduation, May 2014.

Here’s a little about us:


Dave served over 22 years in the Air Force as a weather officer.  A veteran of the Iraq war, Dave also holds a PhD in meteorology and works part time as an associate scientist and meteorology instructor.

Dave’s also an avid model railroader.  He models Colorado’s railroading past in both N scale and HOn3.  His model railroad projects can be found on Facebook and in various model railroad publications.

Dave has a deep and abiding love of the American West–its geology, its history, its people–and enjoys exploring on foot, on skis, and now via RV!  He loves living in the literal shadow of the Ramparts of the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies.  The mountains are calling and he must go!


Patricia is a 25 year Air Force Veteran, having served as a weather officer, like Dave. She thoroughly loves the weather and forecasting the weather, and she’s pleased as punch that she gets to continue working as a meteorologist here in Colorado.

She absolutely loves traveling! In fact, it’s rare that she wants to visit the same place twice…knowing there’s so much out there yet to learn. She longs for the days she no longer has to budget her vacation days.

Patricia has dabbled in all sorts of hobbies over the years, between sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, scrapbooking…the list goes on and on. As of late, Patricia has been enjoying the great outdoors of the Colorado Front Range as much as she can.

In addition to her full time work and hobbies, Patricia is a Senior Editor with the GeekFamilyNetwork blogs, GeekDad.com and GeekMom.com, where she has written about her cosplay adventures and convention coverages. These days she’s mostly behind-the-scenes.

We enjoy cosplay quite a bit. Star Trek Mix Pack at Denver Pop Culture Con, May 2019

Our Sons

Crazy proud of these guys! Kid1’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor, August 2020
Kid1 enjoys hiking, skiing, and spending time in Colorado’s great outdoors. He’s currently weeding through the college application process in the COVID era. It hasn’t been pretty. The top of the Pikes Peak Crags Trail, August 2020.
Our youngest son, Kid2, recently learned that he’s pretty darned good at scuba diving. He is the only member of the family who has left the state of Colorado since the COVID 19 restrictions began. Scouts BSA Florida Sea Base, near Islamorada Key, August 2020.

Our Puppy

Our 8-10 year old Border collie, Ranger. He loves traveling and hiking with the family, but he isn’t getting any younger.

Ranger is our family’s faithful companion. We adopted him in 2014 from a wonderful pet rescue organization, Western Australian Shepherd Rescue, located in the Denver area. Even though “Australian Shepherd” is in the organization’s title, they will work with finding forever homes for all herding dogs.

When the family got Ranger in July 2014, he was skin and bones! He was found wandering the side of a road near Garden City, Kansas. It took a while for Ranger to realize that we weren’t going to hurt him or kick him back out to the streets…and over time, he started to return to his normal weight.

Ranger does enjoy hiking with the family, but he’s getting older, and on his last substantial hike,  a 5 mile section of the the Pikes Peak Crags trail in August 2020, he was pretty sore the following day.

So I think having the RV will help him, too!