Penn Central Time!

There’s been a lot of traffic on the Railwire lately about modeling Penn Central.  The vast majority of my Penn Central equipment exists to represent ex-PC Conrail equipment circa 1980, but the Kato PC passenger set was a purely PC-era item I couldn’t resist.  I’ve since been adding to the collection of pure PC stuff, including locomotives, and recently a cabin car.  Inspired by the recent surge in PC modeling by friends and peers, I decided to cobble together some stuff that was close to era-appropriate for 1971 (barring the late 70s COTS and wheel inspection dots on some of the cars appropriate for my 1980 era) and make a movie.  One snafu was that when I re-painted the road surface, I bumped the US 522 sign and turned it 90 degrees…  something I didn’t notice until the movie was done.

Although Amtrak is already a few months old, the first train is a purely Penn Central westbound passenger consist pulled by an ex-PRR E8 with a B60b baggage car still wearing its Pennsy paint.  Later, a lone PC GP7 with the Lewistown local rolls eastward from Huntingdon.