Rainy Day Video Fun

It rained all day today to the point of Flash Flood Warnings…  Outdoor fun was out of the question, and any painting project would be complicated by the humidity.  I had a few cab signal boxes to install on some of my Conrail GE locomotives and I also needed to make some adjustments on the trucks on a Bachmann Amfleet coach.  Once I was done, it seemed like a good day to make some more movies, particularly since a few folks have commented on wanting to see some of my early Amtrak stuff.

One thought on “Rainy Day Video Fun

  1. I have two older Penn-Central Bachman box cars. I should just give them to you. Of course they probably need your style couplings though. Email me then I could just mail them no charge. They would probably look great with the other rustic 1st generation. PCRR division. Penn Central was doomed to fail from the begining. Conrail just inherited everything from the ailing system, it’s a supprise they lasted as long as they did. Everything up here in the northeast, between Philly and Trenton; is already transitioned into Norfolk Southern. The ties are all concrete, and all the old baldwin stations are bars or laundrymats. Acela runs regular trips. Plus we have a brand new platform in croydon. It’s even heated for all the homeless to sleep in. I’m betting the President stops here on his re-election campain.
    You have a great looking layout. Keep up the great work.

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