Conrail movie time!

Having recently (temporarily) removed all of my PRR stuff for Conrail, I felt like it might be time for another movie.  One of the great things about movies is that you can control the camera and viewing angles so as to make the layout and the trains all appear much bigger than they really are.  Per most of my recent movies, I chose some music appropriate for the era…  Technically Talking Heads’ Once in a Lifetime dates from early 1981, but I’ve always liked it, and I think it fits.  The train sounds are just from various YouTube videos trimmed to fit.

The intermodal flats are really quite long for N scale.  They’re about as long as an HO standard boxcar, so they look a little awkward even on my 15″ radius curves.  Again, though, camera angle to the rescue…  Low angles make the curves look less severe, and significantly increase the apparent power and heft of what in reality are dinky little trains.

Oh, yeah, meant to mention…  All of this was shot with my iPhone!